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Welcome to Aerolex Cables – an ISO 9001-2008 certified
Manufacturer & Exporter of Wires, Cables & Conductors
for demanding & challenging applications
A preferred choice of Wire & Cable users all over the world
 » Submersible Pump Cables
Also known as submersible cable, pump cable, borehole pump cables ,submersible pump wire, submersible power cable, submersible drop cables, cables for submersible pumps, PVC flat cables, borewell pump cables, water pump cables, waterproof cables, water resistant cables, cables for use in water well, H07RN-F Cable, drinking water cables, Drin Cables, TML-B cable, norme AD8 cable, Cable AD8 as per NFC 15-100, HO7RN8-F Cable, HO7BN4-F Cable.

 » Welding Cables
Also known as arc welding cable, welding & power cable, welding electrode cable, rubber cables for welding machine, welding accessories, welding wire, norme AD8 cable.

 » Battery Cables
Also known as auto & battery cable, cables for inverter battery, traction battery cables, automotive wires, cables for solar battery

 » Earthing Cables & Conductors
Also known as bare copper conductor, earthing conductors, grounding conductors, cables for grounding, earthing accessories, earth wire, earth cable, cables for earthing, ground cable, yellow/green cable, earthing leads

 » Single Core Heavy Duty Flexible Cables
Also known as cables for control panel, generators leads, transformer leads, cable for railways, cable for coach, cables for metro railways, cables for solar power, cables for wind power generators, equipment wiring cables, house wiring cables, H07V-K, HO5VV-F, HO1VV-F.

 » Power & Control Cables
Also known as power cables, control cables, armoured cables, unarmoured cables, underground cables, low voltage power cable, XLPE power cable, RO2V, RVFV, AR02V, ARVFV.
 » Multicore Flexible Cables
Also known as portable power cables, cables for exhibition & trade show, cables for mobile power at construction sites, projects, machine tool wires & cable, cable for lifts & moving hoists & cranes, cable for DG sets
 » Rubber Cables
Also known as flexible rubber cable, H07RN-F cables, H05RN-F cable, mining cable, marine cable, wind turbine cable, wind farm cable, wind power cable, wind energy cable, wind tower cable, wind nacelles cable, wind cable, railway cable, rolling stock cable, ‘Hybrid cables, Jumper cables, high temperature cables, rubber flexible cable, locomotive cables,
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