Our best-selling product is Submersible Pump Cables... Submersible Pump Cables are widely used in submersible pumps as well as irrigation equipment. In addition, they are also used for wiring between equipment situated at motors and water wellheads of submersible pumps of deep wells. These cables are perfect to provide safe, reliable as well as cost-effective services. In addition, they are also fire retardant and fire resistant ensuring to provide complete safety to the pumps and other equipment. Features of Submersible Pump Cables: Lead free and non toxic cables with eco friendly nature Provide complete safety and reliability to pumps by keeping the fire hazards at bay Available in 100 mtr sizes in more than 8 different variants Highly flexible cables that offer complete protection under any circumstances

Submersible Pump Cable as per WRAS, KTW and ACS guidelines for use with submersible pump for drinking water purpose. Flexible, non-toxic and waterproof submersible pump cable suitable for continuous immersion in drinking /potable water.Tough & flexible cable with excellent moisture, ozone, abrasion, chemical & weather resistance.,

Safe, Reliable and power saving

Excellent Wet Electrical Properties.

A flexible flat electric cable, with special rubber insulation and outer sheath, suitable for permanent immersion in drinking water. The cables have successfully passed rigorous testing of drinking water requirements of the British WRAS certification (according to BS 6920), the German KTW and W270 for direct and permanent immersion in potable water. The certification agencies have verified the absence of microbial growth, the water taste, appearance, transparency and colour and the absence of any metals or toxic substances