We produce tough and flexible Drinking water flat submersible cables of various sizes with an amazing variety of features specially designed to supply power to submersible pumps in deep bore wells.

Drinking Water Flat Submersible Pump Cables are specialized cables with special proprietary rubber insulation and outer sheath, designed for permanent immersion in drinking water. The cables have successfully passed rigorous testing of drinking water requirements of the British WRAS certification (according to BS 6920), the French ACS certification, the German KTW and W270 for direct and permanent immersion in potable water. The certification agencies have verified the absence of microbial growth, the water taste, appearance, transparency and colour and the absence of any metals or toxic substances. These cables are designed for making connections to submersible pumps in drinking water. It can also be used in industrial water

Cable Nomenclature/Norme TML-B, TML-B RD, S1BB-F cable, S07BB-F cable, TLT 07RN8-F cable, Drinking water cable, Drin Cable, Potable Water Cable, WRAS approved Clean Water Cable, KTW Approved Cable, ACS Approved Cable, Norme AD8 cable, Cable AD8 as per NFC 15-100 submersible pump cable S1BBH2-F, TML-B FLAT, S07BBH2-F,S1BNH2-F, DRIN Cable
Standards BS 6920, WRAS, KTW, W270, ACS, D. M. 174/04, BS 6007, IEC 60245, CEI 20-19, VDE 0282, AS 3191, AS/NZS 5000.1, HD 22.16,HD 22.12 , NF C 32-201, French Standard 32-102-16, AD8
Core /Cable Colour Core colour: as per Asian/European colour code
Cable colour: Blue
Working Voltage Uo/U 450/ 750 V, 600/ 1000 V, 650/1100 V
Test Voltage 3000 V
Temperature Range -400C to 900 C
  • Special flexible flat submersible cable suitable for being permanently submerged, such as: submerged pumps for drinking water, wells and aquariums.
  • It is also suitable swimming pool applications for lighting systems, filtering and swimming pool’s cleaning.
  • Also suitable for electrical installations for the production, processing and
  • preservation of food and beverage systems
  • Conductor: High purity electrolytic grade bright annealed flexible bunched bare, copper conductor according to international standards like IS 8130, BS 6360, IEC 60228 & VDE 0295.
  • Insulation: Oil & Water Resistant EPR/EPDM/XLPO based Elastomer Compound
  • Sheath: Special Elastomer Compound suitable for permanent immersion in Drinking Water