The Submersible Pump Cables are the Cables used mainly in well casing for supplying current to the Submersible Pump. They are also used where cable is to be immersed permanently in water for power supply to equipment used for irrigation, drinking water, sea water desalination plants, fountains, swimming pools, mine dewatering, waste water treatment plants, aquariums etc.

There are different types of submersible pump cable for different applications like normal irrigation water, drinking water, waste water, sea water etc.

The Submersible Pump Cables are mainly available in Flat, Round, Twisted & Flat Parallel configuration with PVC or rubber as insulation & jacket material. They are available with 1 core , 3 cores( wires) and 4 cores (4 wires). Submersible control cables are also available in multicore like 10, 12, 20 cores.

For Europe : 450 /750 V
For US & Canada : 600 V
For India : 650/1000 V
For Australia & Other Asian & African countries: 600/1000 V

The maximum operating temperature of the conductor for PVC insulated cables is - 200 C to 750 C and for rubber cables is - 40 0 C to 900 C.

Cable sizes are specified in SQ MM in European, Asian , Australian & African markets and in AWG (American Wire Gauge) in US, Canada & South American countries.

The conductors used in Submersible Pump Cables are mainly Class 5 flexible stranded conductors and also Solid Stranded conductors which are made up of soft and uncoated Copper. Cables are also available with Tinned copper conductor.

Drinking water submersible pump cables are specialized cables with special proprietary rubber insulation and outer sheath, designed for permanent immersion in drinking water. The cables have successfully passed rigorous testing of drinking water requirements of the British WRAS certification (according to BS 6920), the French ACS certification, the German KTW and W270 for direct and permanent immersion in potable water. The certification agencies have verified the absence of microbial growth, the water taste, appearance, transparency and colour and the absence of any metals or toxic substances.

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