Welding Cables are used mainly in the secondary connection in welding machine and welding machine tool for motor car manufacturing. It is mainly used in the applications where the power supply is not exceeding 600 Volt AC.

Black, Orange, Red or Yellow jacket, Single & Double insulated Oil & Water Resistant Heavy Duty Elastomer Compound of various colors is used as insulation in welding cables

High purity electrolytic grade bright annealed flexible bunched bare copper conductor according to International Standards like IS-8130, BS-6360, IEC-228 & VDE-0295 are used as conductors in welding cables.

The operating temperature range for Welding Cables is -55°C to 105°C

The range of sizes available in Welding Cables are SQ MM sizes (European style) 10 sq mm to 240 sq mm and AWG sizes (North American style) 6 AWG to 500 MCM

Los cables de soldadura, cable de soldadura por arco, soldadura y el cable de alimentación, cable de electrodos de soldadura, Los cables de goma para máquina de soldar, los accesorios de soldadura, soldadura de alambre, HO1N2-D.

Câbles de soudage, câble soudage à l'arc, câble de soudage et de puissance, Câble d'électrode de soudage, câbles en caoutchouc pour machine à souder, accessoires de soudage, fil à souder, HO1N2-D.

Сварочные кабели, сварочный провод, сварочные и кабель питания, Кабель сварочный электрод, резиновые кабели для сварочного аппарата, сварочные принадлежности, сварочной проволоки, HO1N2-D.